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Strategic Investor Relations for Technology Companies



To optimize positioning and perception of tech company clients among Wall Street analysts and investors.  I do this by bringing award-winning analyst perspective and market intelligence to their investor relations process.


Company Profile

TechTonics develops strategic messaging for tech companies that reflects ongoing fundamental changes in their space and company.  Research is the key value add and differentiator.

This research provides CEOs and CFOs with potentially game-changing, two-pronged market intelligence.  You will gain context into what is happening in your space and into what is happening with your space in the capital markets.

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This context will have a direct bearing on your messaging…and so much more.  Here are some examples:

♦  Your direct competitor makes an acquisition in an adjacent space.  Why are they doing this, and what implications does it have for you and the space?

♦  You just delivered a “beat and raise” quarter, but your stock is down 5% in after-hours trading.  Why?  What was it about your conference call that analysts are reacting negatively to?

♦  One of your major customers, a Fortune 100 company, makes public comments about their spending plans for your space.  What’s behind their decision, and how might this impact your business, your story and your stock price?

♦  A long-time shareholder you met with recently has sold the majority of their position without any indication of concerns.  Why?  Did they have a fundamental reason, or were they just rebalancing their portfolios?

♦  Another competitor announced that one of their board members is taking over as CEO.  Why is this happening, and what might be the competitive ramifications for you and your space?

♦  An activist hedge fund has announced that they’ve taken a position in your company’s stock, but have not made contact…yet.  What does it mean to you, and how do you react?  What do you communicate to shareholders?

Answers to these and other questions give you additional color and insight into your space and stock market perception.  And it’s from an outside, experienced, independent perspective.

This is intel and advice you cannot get anywhere else.  It goes beyond your story.  It lets you deliver a strategic message that resonates with “the Street” and provide more informed answers to their questions.


TechTonics begins each program by asking management to describe their vision for their space, their mission for how their company will shape that space, and their strategy to realize the mission.  I then work with clients to develop a clear, credible, concise, consistent, and compelling value message, leveraging my research and experience.

Together, we want investors to understand and care about your company.  Increasing shareholder value is the objective of the process.  But it’s the successful execution of management’s business strategy combined with an aggressive investor education program that creates the winning formula.

Program Components




♦  Strategic message development based on research of each client’s market fundamentals and growth strategy;

♦  Establish and refine positioning with analysts and investors;

♦  Transition, transaction and crisis communication;

♦  CEO/CFO coaching for calls/presentations/meetings;

♦  Comprehensive preparation for Investor/Analyst Days;

♦  Board presentations on company/market fundamentals, competitive dynamics and messaging;

♦  Activist preparation and engagement.




♦  Review and refine existing investor materials and IR website;

♦  Draft and/or edit financial press releases, conference call scripts, investor presentations/pitch books, investor fact sheets and shareholder letters;

♦  Q&A preparation for calls and meetings;

♦  Provide real-time texting during conference call Q&A to add context to analyst questions and keep answers on message;

♦  Preparation for annual shareholder meeting.


Marketing and Distribution


♦  Wire service/aggregator, website and social dissemination;

♦  Identify and aggressively reach out to institutional investors on a continuous basis;

♦  Selectively recruit new analyst coverage;

♦  Help prepare for one-on-one meetings with fund managers, buy-side and sell-side analysts;

♦  Arrange and host quarterly conference calls with the investment community;

♦  Pursue conference invitations and broker corporate access teams.


Research and Analysis


♦  Provide ongoing market intelligence reports on industry trends and peer group comparisons, including comparative valuation analysis;

♦  Provide follow-up interviews with meeting attendees to gauge their interest in the company;

♦  Sample sell-side analysts and shareholders for market, segment and company sentiment;

♦  Provide earnings season preview and summary, including peer group results and takeaways from conference calls;

♦  Review and analyze shareholder 13F metrics; correlate to sentiment analysis and stock trading volume and performance;

♦  Collate and compare analyst models and track against consensus.

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