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Strategic Investor Relations for Technology Companies

Investor Relations Toolkit

The mission of your investor relations program should be to achieve a valuation that reflects understanding of how you will build shareholder value over time by marketing your company’s story to analysts and investors efficiently and accurately.



Rapidly evolving market dynamics, investor strategies and valuation parameters no longer allows IR to merely field inquiries and passively disseminate information.

The “new” IR has three critical purposes beyond its traditional functions:

  1. Fundamental understanding of equity markets and the investment process

  2. Proactive “marketer” of the company’s story

  3. Internal purveyor of market intelligence to senior management and board on sentiment and valuation drivers


IR is the public face of the company to analysts and investors.  In most public companies, IR is the most frequent touch point for the investment community after the CEO and CFO.


Most IR people have communications backgrounds.  For tech companies, it makes a difference to have someone create messaging who understands your space and technology.


That’s where I come in.  I don’t replace in-house IR people; I make them better.  By educating them on the fundamentals they can dynamically market the story and field questions with confidence.


The IR Toolkit

Companies tend to be valued more on perception than on fundamentals.  The IR Toolkit helps public and pre-IPO companies close the gap between perception and reality in the market.

The IR Toolkit is a turnkey blueprint for creating, implementing and executing an investor relations strategy.  It includes a 12-Point Implementation Plan which provides a “how-to” on structuring an IR program, including defining the role and responsibilities of the IR function, creating and delivering consistent messaging across all channels, and specific steps to value creation.



♦The IR Toolkit is a cost-effective alternative – or strategic complement to – a full-time IR person.  It is also ideally suited as a temporary IR solution for companies in transition.

♦A comprehensive review and optimization of IR activities enables clients to realize a fast and high return on the work I do for them.

♦CFOs and CEOs gain greater understanding about market conditions and sentiment that impact their share price, as well as competitor performance and activity.  This is intelligence that far exceeds what you receive from an in-house IR person or a large diversified IR firm.

♦Compared to other IR firms, you receive the attention of the top person.  I am able to engage more strategically with you because I choose to work with a select number of clients.

♦Effective messaging reduces errors and share price volatility caused by misunderstandings.

♦The IR Toolkit facilitates compliance with regulatory and Board governance requirements.


Here is a set of rules to serve as a guideline when communicating with the Street.


Ask me how your can maximize the ROI on your IR spend.