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Strategic Investor Relations for Technology Companies


Gabriel “Gabe” Lowy


TechTonics started as a blog in February 2013.  After a successful 15-year run as an award-winning tech analyst ( Best Analysts in America and The Wall Street Journal Best of the Street), I wanted to write about how technology connects with strategy and finance – without the encumbrances of stock picking or compliance.  Other sites started to pick up my posts or asked me to be a guest contributor.  That’s how my first client found me.

After reading a few posts, a marketing director reached out to see if I could create content for their solution.  CMOs at other tech firms also hired me to write marketing content.  These experiences proved to be invaluable when a year later, when I pivoted to investor relations consulting.

A CFO of a tech company contacted me and said, “I don’t think we’re telling our story as effectively as we could be, and that it reflects in our valuation.  Is this something you can help us with?”  I said, “Of course”, and the investor relations consulting business was born.  Since then, I’ve exclusively worked with companies on their investor messaging.

As an analyst, synthesizing complex concepts and technologies into easily understood messages was always my expertise and value-add.  As an IR consultant, it still is.  It still comes down to research.

I have published over 1,200 reports and articles on different sectors and companies in the tech industry.  I’ve been a featured contributor to APMDigest, BigDataNews, Dataconomy, DevOpsDigest, EnterpriseCIO Forum, icrunchdataNews and TABBForum.  My tech roots trace to the beginning of my career as a COBOL programmer at Andersen Consulting, where I rose quickly to manager.  I went to Wall Street in 1986, starting at Drexel Burnham.  Over the years I worked at other larger firms, including Bear, Stearns & Co., Oppenheimer, and Mizuho Securities.  The entrepreneur in me also took me to several smaller firms, such as Collins Stewart and Blaylock & Partners.  I hold an MBA in Strategy and a B.S. in Marketing, both from New York University’s Stern School of Business.

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